Hey Wingman

Hey Wingman is a chat game where you try to break your best friends doomed wedding. In Hey Wingman you use a chat App and give advice to... (more)

Sandra’s Mysteries

Sandra’s Mysteries is a Hidden Object Game in which the player becomes Sandra’s assistant. The Player has to help Sandra solve the different puzzles they find in each... (more)

L’amour est dans le pré

This hidden object game was made for the Games Passport platform. With this project we’ve broke our deadline record. We had a very tight schedule to create this... (more)

Quiz Challenge For Dummies

In Quiz Challenge For Dummies the player will challenge his friends to a Quiz content where he has to put his knowledge to the test and answers as... (more)

Greeting Card

We had the pleasure to work with American Greetings and create for them this corporate animation for internal use of the company. As much as we like to work on... (more)

M6 Deco le Jeu

This is the our first hidden object game and it was created for the Games Passport platform. With the help of Valerie Damidot, the player will decorate and... (more)


For this one with team up once again with the developers of Mediastay. In this project for the Games Passport platform, Wopidom worked on all the aesthetics of the... (more)

Hungry Pandy

In this game the player will have to solve the different puzzles of each level to help Pandy reach the candies. Wopidom worked alongsides the Mediastay team on... (more)

Rebecca Bonbon

Rebecca Bonbon, the cutest dog on earth needs your help. She mixed up all her toys and now is your job to find them. For the Games Passport... (more)


For Games Passport and working alongside the Mediastay team we brought the universe of Koh-Lanta to a hidden object game. But this is not just a simple hidden... (more)