About us


We are Wopidom! handsome and cuddling guys… let us tell you a little bit about us. The superhero on the left is Marco, he has less muscles in real life but his skills as developer have no limits, he’s like Neo but with less hair. Next to Marco, portrayed as the smoking bass player is Esteban, he and the pope supports the same soccer team. If you spend a evening with Esteban listening to all his conspiracy theories, by the end of the night you will have no more faith in humanity. The turtle lover wearing a viking helmet is Max, simplest the nicest person you will ever meet in your entire life. We know for a fact that the Japanes get inspired by Max to create the Tamagotchi. On the right of Max we have the naked pirate known as Rod. He’s a Seinfeld and South Park fan (he only likes shows that begins with the letter S). There’s really not much to tell about Rod, he’s kind of an jerk. And last, but not least, at the very right of the scene (no, not the blue monster, the other tall monster) we have the tall chicken killer, Pilo. Legends tells he was raised by wolves and he sleeps under your bed. Pilo is so tall he can see from Argentina what kind of ties the giraffes are wearing in  Africa. He’s so tall that he almost hit with his head the space thingy Felix Baumgartner used to jump from the space. And that’s it, that’s us. Love us, care about us, help us and you will have good karma for the rest of the week.